works in progress

Sunny pin for a sunny day.

This could be a garment clip?

I like to use found textures as well as objects. Here, I have gently persuaded silver sheet for a ring to take up a found texture (courtesy of charity shop ‘flatware’)

Ring assembled !

Some earwire thoughts

Here’s a lovely tie clip for people who wear ties. :)

Did I mention that I make massive animal heads too?

playing with enamel, using it to fill the holes, emphasise the gaps, treading the line between melting enamel glass and keeping the metals solid.

Some new earrings

new shapes. managed to make a 2D curve. this material doesn't want to bend without cracking but with careful selection of parts it works ok.

Starting a new series of everybody’s fave, stacked mixed steel rectangles in square format

Kind of handsome block of steels

The block end on.

...and here's the finished pair. Mild and stainless.

Here's a microscope view of an earring showing the tiny crystal structures which appear on heating the metal. Here be dendrites

Here are my one-of-a-kind boxes, unique like the things enclosed!

some found object templates for my boxes

My new favourite rock. It didn't want to come live in my garden.



today's outfit is old studio overalls

rivet fixing pre melt

little melt rivets

bad robot in pogress

Legal imprint